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"Treat every encounter as if it were a holy encounter"


A Course in Miracles


A Body Work/Energy Work Session


Depends on time spent




I am moving towards a new structure. I will be listing my price. Although as always, I work with you and where you are at.

This means you can pay the price or make a donation.

Donations can be:
What you have at the time.
More than the price.
A note with a bartering idea.
More one week - less the next.
Get it?

Payment is an exchange, it is all energy. Although we know this, business's still appreciate money until the world is different.

Any and all is greatly appreciated.



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Yoga Classes

At this time Sarah Sutton 

is teaching yoga classes

on Mondays.


If interested 

contact Sarah @ 




Check in because there 

may be pop up classes

throughout the season.

About Me & Practice

I want to help others improve the quality of their lives by partnering with them to create ways of being. This may be on any level of their being, physically, emotionally, mentally and ENERGETICALLY.


This weaves in another level of understanding ourselves. It is the “current” health care. Once we understand ourselves on this level it allows the other levels to align.  A piece that helps  communicate  the highest good.

I honor the innate wisdom within everyone and trust that people who seek my services can find their own way, guided by internal and external resources, such as myself.


Teresa Bushnell

5 East 24th

Kearney Ne 68845



Click the Email Me tab in the lower right corner to send an email.

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