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Energy work offers a powerful healing technique. I have studied a variety of practices over the years. I find that the different modalities present themselves as needed in each session. My studies have led me to investigate the beauty of diverse paths and practices. My intention is to always honor sacredness while always being open to new ways of looking at things and new practices.

One of my practices involves taking my connection from the meditation cushion to my day to day life. By doing this, I keep myself in the present moment as much as I can- observing my thoughts, emotions, feelings, even my body aches. This presents as a blend of love, healing, warmth, and humor. When we allow ourselves to tune in to each moment, we can hear important messages sent to our bodies, our daily lives, and most importantly our souls. It is through energy work that I encourage and guide people to connect to themselves in a way that feels right to them. This work naturally leads folks to live from their heart, which creates ways that make it easier to look, to feel, and to let go. Many times this view opens us to other ways of looking at something - a softer view.


I enjoy sharing, teaching, empowering, and shining light, through individual meetings or in a group setting. Check out my upcoming gatherings or contact me to set something up.

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A little about me . . .

Work and Experience . . .

Current Practices: 

*Journey of Intrinsic Health 

Zach Bush 2023

Breathe and Believe Breathwork and Mindset Certification 2023

*Anne Steffen-Russo   Mentorship

*Many classes with

*Studying with Katherine Skaggs
Shaman, Artist, & Sage


*Certified Vibrational Bowl Practitioner

Vibrational Sound Association 2017

* Studied with Kate Bodmann  RH (AHG), RA Clinical Herbalist

*Studied with Rachel Liester Herbalist


*Studied with Deborah King

Life Force Energy Practitioner  2011 -2015

*Yoga Instructor

From 1993 to present

*Tai Chi Movement Improvement

Studied Tai Chi and Chi Gong with Master Chen

*Certified Reflexologist

 Body Wisdom Massage Therapy 

*Certified Aromatherapist

Jane Buckle Aromatherapy Program

*Certified Verititas Labyrinth Facilitator

Studied with Lauren Artress

*Healing Touch International

Classes 1-4


Licensed Massage Therapist -Certified Reflexologist

 2002 to present   

Body Wisdom Massage Therapy

LicensedPractical Nurse

Practiced at Richard Young Psychiatric Hospital 18 years


Integrated Health Specialist Department Manager

Healthy Lifestyles Department

Good Samaritan Hospital  2000-2006

Elements - Healing Center   Owner/Partner 2006-2008

Student of Life

Over 60 years

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