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Calling those that desire:

Continuing education for energy work

Practice and playing in the energy

New or validating perspectives on our practices

Learning in what arises


Sometimes it can be challenging to write descriptions for “energy work” These kinds of classes are many times determined on who shows up.  As many of you know it is fluid, evolving, and yet very sacred. In this class you will learn to create expansion to what you already know while practicing the comings and the goings of a session. I am willing to create the container for us.

Care of ourselves changes our vibration, changing our vibration opens up space for more to flow. I would like to share some techniques I have learned along the way for you to add to your practice. I would like to offer a space and time for us to gather, for us to play, for us to learn, for us to contribute to raising each other up vibrationally.

Objectives of all of the classes:

You will be able to assess the energetic field in it's various forms.

You will learn techniques to adjust the field to bring into balance.

You will learn self care and self management of your own field.

Plenty of time for questions and hands on practice.

Ethical issues will be addressed. Total hours for the day, 6 CEU's 3 of which can count towards ethics.

Since we are at the point of needing to verify hours, these classes will be held no matter what the attendance.


This class offers C.E.U.’s to L.M.T.’s    Includes ethics hours.

This class is open to L.M.T.’s, Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioners


When: Look back for 2018  schedule. 

Time: 10:00 – 4:30

Cost:  $108

Where: Kearney (specific location to be determined based on attendance)

Register: Through my web page "Classes Book Online" tab.


Additional Information:

If you have a table please contact me so we can have enough tables.

Bring a sack lunch we will take a 30 minute break.

Wear something comfortable - this will be clothes on.

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